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Venture Film Studios Completes Project with Sapulpa Police Department.


VentureFilm Studios announces completion of a recruitment video for the Sapulpa Police Department. SPD currently employs over 48 sworn officers who provide a 24/7 service for the community of Sapulpa.

Project Overview

According to Venture Film Studios, the project was a collaborative effort between the film production team and the Sapulpa Police Department. The team worked closely with the officers to ensure that the film accurately represented the department's values and mission.

Watch Final Film

Check out the Sapulpa Police Department's recruitment video to get a glimpse into the daily life of a police officer and learn about the department's dedication to community service and public safety. It's a great way to get inspired and consider joining the team!

Behind the Scenes of Production

About VentureFilm Studios

VentureFilm Studios is a full-service video production company, serving businesses, agencies, and nonprofits throughout the nation. We specialize in creating “exciting videos” for our viewers. Based right here in Sapulpa Oklahoma, we’re excited about our partnership with our local Police Department and helping them achieve their goals.

If you have any questions or would like more info about the production, please reach out to VentureFilm Studios or the Sapulpa Police Department.


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